Launched in September 2018, the Denver Choir League is a social singing club for gen xyz-ers that meets once a week in a local bar, restaurant, or business for rehearsal and a happy hour. We perform every eight weeks and know you're busy, so sign up for the performance cycles that best fit your schedule. We welcome singers of all ability levels, so whether you only sing in your car or have a music degree, you'll be right at home. Because after a beer, we're all better singers.


A few reasons YOU should join Denver Choir League

  • It's a great way to meet people with similar interests.

  • Two words: Happy Hour!

  • It's like a beer league softball team...but for choir.

  • You sang in high school or college and secretly (or not so secretly) really miss it.

  • You like supporting local businesses.

  • Singing decreases stress levels and provides a creative outlet.

  • Did I mention: drink specials?

  • It's different than anything else you'll do all week.

  • DCL fits into your schedule: register for the cycles that work with your calendar and skip those that don't!

  • We're serious about our music, but rehearsals are fun and low-stress.

  • How else can you have this much fun on a Monday night?


Ready to give DCL a try?